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>> 22-24.6.2023
Theatro Vrachon, Vyronas

#Dance in the Shadow of the Rock
   Various artists

As part of the events of honor and memory for the 25 years since the death of Dimitris Nikolaidis, the Festival "In the shadow of the rock" presents a three-day program dedicated to contemporary dance, with the participation of six renowned choreographers. The program is implemented with the funding of the Region of Attica, in collaboration with the Duncan Dance Center, produced and managed by Delta Pi.

Participating Artists:

Anna Konjetzky, Sofia Mavragani, Tzeni Argryiou, Chara Kotsali,
Aris & Martha

Commissioned by:
The Intermunicipal Culture
Network of Vyronas, Dafni and Ymittos

Supported by:
The Region of Attica


Production Management:
Delta Pi




When: June 22, 23, 24

Where: The “Anna Sinodinou” Stage in Athens 


For three consecutive summer nights, the unique outdoor stage ‘Anna Sinodinou’, situated in an old quarry in the Athenian neighbourhood of Vyronas, will be the center of contemporary dance in Greece. With the titular rock surface as the backdrop, the invited artists will present a broad range of styles and approaches characteristic to the international and national contemporary dance scene.

The schedule will be as follows:

22 June
About Anger - Anna Konjetzky
A dance solo by Munich-based artist Anna Konjetzky, translating feminine anger into a choreographic vocabulary that offers the hope to build another world.

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A Live - Sofia Mavraganni
Sofia Mavraganni’s conceptual performance plays on stage with the power of speech, theory, music and movement to compose a new collective text that can (or cannot) be heard, sung or danced to.


23 June
Synaxis - Tzeni Argyriou
The term Synaxis has ancient roots: it conveys the concept of gathering, congregating and congregating people in a predetermined space. The synaxis project sets as its main goal to preserve and redefine the ritualistic spirit of collective meetings, which aim at group physical and phonetic expression.

Master and Margarita – Ki Omos Kineitai
Based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, the popular troupe of Greek acrobats and dancers Ki Omos Kineitai presents surreal fiction where the Devil himself, punishing and tired, appears with his retinue to "cure" the lack of faith, to rebalance the logical with the absurd, the possible with the impossible.


24 June
To Be Possessed - Chara Kotsali
Chara Kotsali’s 2023 dance solo is a rehearsal of demonic rituals. In ‘To Be Possessed’, she summons spirits that haunt our language, our scriptures, our knowledge, our minds, and the material world itself.

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ALL THAT MATTER – Aris & Martha
The years-long collaboration of Martha Pasakopoulos and Aris Papadopoulos is placed on stage and examined as an achievement: of their friendship, collaboration, relationship and stage coexistence. The public is present as a necessary witness, helping to interpret this friendship.


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