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To Be Possessed

Chara Kotsali
Solo Performance/Dance - 2023


Chara Kotsali’s 2023 dance solo is a rehearsal of demonic rituals. In ‘To Be Possessed’, she summons spirits that haunt our language, our scriptures, our knowledge, our minds, and the material world itself.

By exploring women’s testimonies from different cultural contexts, Kotsali lets herself become a mouthpiece for these stories about demons, exorcism and the invocation of spirits. Doing so, she presents a moving body that is forever outside the self, a form of experience that calls into question the self-sufficiency and autonomy of the individual woman.

To Be Possessed experiments with the creation of rituals of remembrance and the stirring of the multiple voices that dwell within us. Kotsali indulges in the demonic as she attempts to animate the archive she encounters, inviting the testimonies to reveal their overwhelming yet subversive character.

A full recording of To Be Possessed can be found here.



Choreography, Concept and Performance
Chara Kotsali
Dimitra Mitropoulou
Artistic Advisor
Pericles Pravitas
Music and Sound Design

Jeph Vanger

Original Music Composition "Furiosa"
Dimitra Trypani

Lighting Design
Eliza Alexandropoulou

Production Management and Touring
Delta Pi

Commissioned & produced by Onassis Stegi


Chara Kotsali is a choreographer and performer from Athens, Greece. She graduated from the “Rallou Manou” Higher Professional School of Dance, where she currently works as a teacher of contemporary dance techniques. She also has a bachelor in Theater Studies and a master’s in Social and Cultural Anthropology, as well as training in music. Her collaborative and individual choreographic research interests revolve around the politics of sound and image, while she attempts to engage methodologies from the field of anthropology and documentary. Her practice includes writing, field recordings and DIY music composition.

As a performer, Kotsali has worked with Christos Papadopoulos, Euripides Laskaridis, Iris Karagian, Patricia Apergi and many others in Greece and abroad. She has also choreographed several works of her own and works as a movement consultant for theatre and other performing arts.

Past & Upcoming Performances


Onassis Dance Days, Onassis Stegi - Athens, Greece - [World Premiere]


Dance under the Shadow of the Rocks, Festival - Athens, Greece


Impulstanz - Vienna, Austria - [Austrian Premiere]


Mill of Performing Arts - Larisa, Greece


EuroScene Leipzig - Leipzig, Germany - [German Premiere]

Traveling & Technical specifications

Number traveling: 4 persons

Minimum stage dimensions: 10m x 7m

Stage description: blackbox, alternate stage
A full technical rider can be found here.

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