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About Anger

Anna Konjetzky
Dance - 2021


“On Anger” examines the potentiality of anger – especially women’s anger – with movement, images, music, and texts. Anger can grip the body and its movements; we spit blood, we foam at the mouth, anger takes our breath away and takes possession of our muscles, eyes, and voice, changes and distorts them, and lets our body appear grotesque, threatening, aggressive, but also humorous and comical – and so, on the wall behind dancer Sahra Huby, celebrities and politicians flicker and flutter, but also cartoons.

Anger also gives the dance an unexpected beauty and elegance, only to rage and erupt again in the next moment. Anger can be a constructive energy, as an engine and impulse for social change. Iconic gestures – the raised fist of the Black Power Movement, wrists crossed over one another, the middle finger – proclaim the assault on injustice, on existing hierarchies and structures.



Choreography and concept
Anna Konjetzky
Sahra Huby
Brendan Dougherty
Costume design

Michiel Keuper, Martin Sieweke

Susanne Steinmassl

Lighting design
Barbara Westernach

LED construction
Timm Burkhardt

Rat&Tat Kulturbüro
Simone Lutz

Touring Management

Delta Pi


Anna Konjetzky has been creating dance performances and dance installations since 2005. In her work, choreographic thinking is a practice of reflection and transformation and is imbedded in a socio-political context. That context is not only found in the topic and aesthetics she works with, but also in the settings and formats she creates for her choreographies, her artistic research and in the facilitation of exchange platforms, collaborative research and shared training.

Konjetzky’s works happen physically, aesthetically and politically within a queer-feminist discourse – she always sees her work as a proposition for dialogue.

Her work has been shown, among many other places, at Spielart, Dance, Tanzwerkstatt Munich, Cofestival Ljubljana, Unidram Potsdam, Festival Danse Balsa Marni Bruxelles and in cities such as Warsaw, Luxembourg, Kampala, Nairobi, Hanoi, Istanbul, Gent, Shanghai, Salzburg as well as Brazil.

Konjetzky regularly creates work for established dance companies such as Staatstheater Saarbrücken and Staatstheater Braunschweig. She also teaches regularly at several universities, where she creates pieces with the students: for example MDT dance university Amsterdam, ZZT cologne, Sead Salzburg and Beaux-arts Bruxelles.

Konjetzky received several prizes and scholarships, including her work for youth, ’Running’ which was one of the three finalists for German Theatre Prize FAUST 2018 and the dance-scholarship of the city of Munich in 2011. Her dance-installation „Abdrücke“ was invited in 2012 to the Tanzplattform Germany where fifteen of the top productions from Germany are shown every two years. Finally, Konjetzky is a three-time recipient of three-year funding from the city of Munich.

Upcoming Performances


Lichthof Theater - Hamburg, Germany


Lichthof Theater - Hamburg, Germany


Brotfabrik - Bonn, Germany

Traveling & Technical specifications

Number of people traveling: 2-3 persons

Minimum stage dimensions: 10x10 metres

Please find the detailed tech rider here

Contact us

For further information or bookings please contact us here

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