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Initiation as Methodology  

>> 26.05_6.06.2021 

    Residency Program

Within the framework of the long-term project Visual Arts (V.A.) Initiator of Eleusis 2023 European Capital of Culture, Delta Pi announces an open call for artists from the field of visual arts in the public space (installation, video art, performance, sculpture, etc.). The second edition of the artist-in-residence program, focuses on the concept of “Initiation as Methodology” and is planned to take place in two phases, June-July and October 2021. The selected artists are invited to stay, experiment and conceive a site responsive project in the city of Elefsina, under the guidance and supervision of Delta Pi’s collaborating institutions: Yellow Brick, Eight and Snehta Residency.


The main goal of this program is to introduce emerging artists to site specific and site responsive artistic practices, along with the support of an experienced curatorial team, in order to offer them the opportunity to experiment with small and medium-scale projects in the public space. The realization of artistic projects emphasises on the production process as a result of the relations that are shaped among the city, its citizens and the Greek and international artists. The participants will embark on this project in an attempt to track the "deep" past, in order to discover parallel conditions and new entering points for the present and near future, around the core concept of: Initiation as Methodology.


In this direction, Delta Pi collaborates with three (3) established institutions that undertake the role of mentors and introduce six (6) artists to their artistic research journey in Elefsina. The three collaborating institutions have long experience in the field of artist-in-residence programs and their core practices are based on experiential methodologies and research processes. Each partner provides the ingredients for a creative zymosis, while the conditions of their involvement in the project are formed by the preliminary process of collaboration and synergy among them. Each partner brings along their own methodologies which, combined, creating the grid of the residency program. Additionally, the partners’ objective is to promote a methodology of relevant practices and synergies in the field of visual arts. 


The artists-in-residence program in Elefsina is divided in two (2) phases and is addressed to six (6) artists, from Greece and abroad who wish to produce an in-situ piece of work, and are keen to interact with the local community and experience the city, in order to engage with the environment within a critical framework.  

PHASE A 27/06/2021 – 07/07/2021 

The first phase of the program is to begin on June 27 and will be completed on July 7, 2021. During their stay, the participants will have the opportunity to connect with the local community, and interact with the mentors, who will have already prepared a supportive program consisting of panel discussions, presentations, talks, workshops. However, Delta Pi plans to bring the participants in contact with each other prior to their arrival in Elefsina, so as to create the conditions for different levels of cooperation. 

PHASE B 01/10/2021 – 17/10/2021 

The second phase of the program will begin on October 1 and will be completed on October 17, 2021. This is the period when the participants start the in-situ production of their art project, while the organizer coordinates the implementation of each production that occurs on specific sites in Elefsina. The final public presentation derives from a process of dramaturgical activation of all the sites. The artworks as fragments, will be consolidated on an axis of physical experience of the place, a route, curated by all the contributors.



The program is addressed to six (6) individual artists who work in the field of visual arts in the public space (installation, video art, performance, sculpture, etc.), regardless of gender, previous experience, etc. Applications sent by group representatives, collectives, corporations, etc. will not be accepted. All artists who apply for the program are committed to be physically present during the aforementioned dates of both phases, A and B, as it is a prerequisite for submitting the application.

Application Process:

The applications must be submitted from 26/05 – 06/06/2021 (23:59) through the online form at All the fields in the application form must be filled in Greek or English language and a detailed artist’s cv and portfolio (up to 15 MB) must also be attached. It is also obligatory to accept the terms and conditions, to submit a statutory declaration for the accuracy of the submitted data / documents and the declaration of knowledge of the terms of processing of personal data during the time of submission and evaluation of candidacy.

Evaluation Process:

Applications are reviewed and selected by a committee composed by the partners: Yellow Brick, EIGHT, Snehta Residency, supported by Delta Pi Productions.

All applicants will receive a reply via e-mail between 07/06 - 13/06/2021. Due to the large number of applications, it is not possible to send further clarifications in case of a negative evaluation.

Contact & Information:

For further information about the Residency, the Open Call and the online application, all candidates may contact Delta Pi exclusively via email at


What does the Initiation as Methodology program provide to the participants? 

The program covers all the costs below:

  • Travel costs to and from Elefsina (a total of 4 transportations) 

  • Accommodation expenses & per diems for both intervals of the artist-in-residence program.

  • 1000 € artistic fee (via employment or Invoice)

  • up to 1000 € production costs for the creation of a new original piece of work. 

  • Material support and expertized human resources 

  • Curatorial support and artistic consulting by the institutional partners and the organisators

  • Access to working spaces for the preparation / creation of the piece of work. 

  • Promotion on the official social media accounts, website and partners’ newsletters. 

  • Audiovisual recording of the program and the exhibition.



Yellow Brick is an independent cultural institution of contemporary art based at Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece, since 2016. It is an initiative of the visual artist Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki, based on the promotion of cross-sectoral dialogue and cultural exchange, undertaken by the relational engagement among writers, curators, theoretical scientists and members of the local community.

The working axis of Yellow Brick is developed through multimodal practices including art exhibitions, educational programs for children and adults, residency programs for workshop project production, art publications, public meals and experimental activities aimed at the interaction, the research and the development of cultural theory.


EIGHT is an initiative to activate a space in the city center that attempts to combine critical intervention with artistic practices and research on the city with social activity. 

EIGHT reviews the tools of artistic and political practices and the possibilities of continuity (beyond current orders of sustainability) and experiments with the limits and possibilities of intervention and critical action in the alternating landscape of Athens. We search for new narrative methods to be applied as cultural practices in the city and its inner structures, through the artistic action, study, research and critical intervention.

EIGHT is involved with: publications, educational programs, exhibition curation, residency programs, conferences, performances and urban actions. 

SNEHTA (Athens in reverse)  |

Snehta is a non-for-profit organization and the first established residency in Athens that promotes and facilitates local and international artists.

Snehta’s mission is to actively strengthen the artistic production and revitalize the local scene by bridging Athens with international creatives that share a focused enthusiasm to research in the city. Moreover, partnering artists, curators and projects undertaken by Snehta are aiming to create new readings under which the city is perceived and experienced. The program was established in 2012 and has up until now hosted over 100 artists in its international residency program.
For the past two years Snehta has been making gradual steps to establish two additional core activities – its physical / online shop and an educational program run by Athens based artists. Money collected by those activities will fund a range of new opportunities that will be announced within the following year.



Delta Pi is a productions & arts management company based in Athens, Greece. Since 2006 the company has focused on intercultural collaborations, artistic exchanges, new media and community  projects. Delta Pi has produced and/or curated more than 100 international productions and high standards multidisciplinary projects (performing, visual and audiovisual arts, etc.). The company also represents a selected number of contemporary artists based in Greece and the EU, while it promotes a variety of projects in Greece and abroad. 

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