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#Women in Jazz 
    Alexia Vassiliou

>> 27.8.2021

SNF Nostos, Canal Stage
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This summer the SNF Nostos festival will provide a stage for ‘Women in Jazz’, a signature project by the award-winning and multitalented Alexia Vassiliou. The jazz concert will mark Alexia’s first performance in Greece after years abroad, and will be an exceptional homage to the great female voices of the genre.

Singer and performer:
Alexia Vassiliou

Backing orchestra: 

Ermis Michael (Electric guitar)


Christos Yerolatsitis (Piano)


Takis Paterelis (Tenor saxophone & flute)


George Palamiotis (Electric bass)

Angelos Polychronou (Percussion)

Production management:
Delta Pi





Friday 27 August at 20:00

SNF Nostos, Canal Stage

Free entrance


Alexia will transport the audience to the underground Jazz Clubs of New Orleans, Harlem, New York, and the churches of the American South, through a series of selected songs of famous Jazz singers among others, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia Jackson, Anita O' Day, Betty Carter, and Abbey Lincoln.  

Alexia’s interpretation of those songs, in addition to the authenticity that characterizes all the performers, bring the audience closer to their narrative content, entering into the lyrics and music and provide an insight into the sociopolitical climate of that time and how those songs had impacted society. Songs of the past that bring memories and visions to our generations which are considered current narratives even today, defend principles such as democracy, freedom, equality.


Having herself experienced displacement from the Turkish military invasion of '74 with the illegal possession of her property, she is well aware of the importance of protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms. Throughout her career as a Vocal Artist, she always follows a fundamental principle to promote and protect Human Rights, gender equality, rights of women, children, refuges, LGBTQI community, and to condemn all forms of violence, mental and physical.

Alexia "Women  in  Jazz" is coming LIVE on Friday August 27th, 2021, at the stage of Summer Nostos Festival (SNF), at the Canal of Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), a concert based on her own story through the songs of her personal discography, such as the critically acclaimed triple album "Re-bE", the “Voice Improvisation Series", and the "Birds Have to Fly" - nominated at the GRAMMY Awards -, while a “map” of emotions, meanings and experiences is emerged as an autobiographical testimony of her creative career and personal evolution in the field of Vocal Jazz either as a singer, songwriter or lyricist.

"Women in Jazz" is a performance from Alexia’s research project “The Untold Story of Women in Jazz”.


Alexia Vassiliou is an award-winning, cross-genre vocal artist, singer, songwriter and composer. With a career spanning 40 years and 45 recorded albums, Alexia has developed her own authentic, eclectic, sophisticated musical sound, informed and inspired by a plethora of influences and genres. For her full biography, see:


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Delta Pi productions & arts management  
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