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WITHOUT MUSIC (Choris Mousiki)

Thira Technis - 2008



Written by

The Team


Stage Director 

Kostas Gakis


Set Designer

Niki Triantafillidi


Costume Designer

Panagiota Kokkorou


Lighting Designer

Thodoris Marsellos


Director's Assistant

Aspasia-Maria Alexiou


Performed by

Ioanna Aggelidi, Kostas Gakis, Georgia Georgoni, Maria-Daphne Kammenou 



"Without Music" is an urban unstrung fairy-tail, directed by Kostas Gakis. It premiered in 2008 at the "Thira Technis" theatrical stage in Athens, Greece. Gakis, then a renowned actor and musician (winner of the Dimitris Chorn theatrical award for his extraordinary performance in the play "The Cockroach" in 2007), took the role of a stage director for the very first time, in order to present this unique threatrical play! 



How can a pianist suddenly become a lighthouse keeper?


How can three girls that study in the Music Conservatory open a dark cabaret with inappropriate acts?


How can a police bloodhound lose its mustache?


And finally, how is it possible for a music show to be titled ''Without Music''?


Four young actors explain all the above by exposing themselves to this musical ''crime''! 


Kostas Gakis talks about "Without Music" in an interview by 

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