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>> 3-4.02.2022

Théâtre de Liège


    Alexandros Vardaxoglou &
Dafin Antoniadou  


Photo © Andreas Simopoulos   

Vanishing Point is going to Belgium! On Thursday and Friday night the otherworldly dance performance will take the stage at the Théâtre de Liège. The performance is a part of the ten—day festival Pays de Danses, a showcase for culture and the performing arts from all over Europe.

Dafin Antoniadou, Constantine
Skourlis, Alexandros Vardaxoglou

Choreography & Performance: Alexandros Vardaxoglou,
Dafin Antoniadou

Constantine Skourlis,
Stephan Richter

Costume design: 
Christina Lardikou

Light Design:
Vangelis Mountrichas

Costume Construction:
Solo Victoria

Lights Operator:
Lampros Papoulias

Sound Engineer:
Nicholas Kazazis


Produced by:
Onassis Stegi


Supported by:
Bedouin Records & Res Ratio Network


Touring Support:
ONASSIS STEGI "Outward Turn Program"


Production & Touring

Management: Delta-Pi




Thursday 3
and Friday 4 February at 22:00



Festival Pays de Danses, Théâtre de Liège

Tickets: € 9-10


With their tight embrace, Alexandros Vardaxoglou and Dafin Antoniadou form a distraught being waking from unknown depths. We witness it struggling to split into two, both sides seeking to assert their individuality at one moment, grasping for shelter and comfort at another.

As Vanishing Point unfolds, we are left to wonder if this phenomenon is science fiction or some nightmare made reality. “Dismembered and incomplete at the edges of life” is how the two choreographers put it, when the human body appears to be both a destination reached and unreachably distant at the same time.


Alexandros Vardaxoglou graduated from the ‘Modern Times' theatre school and the State School of Dance (KSOT) in Greece and received his postgraduate degree in Acting at RADA (MA Lab Course 2015-16). He works as a dancer and actor since 2012. Vardaxoglou has collaborated with several renowned dance companies and choreographers in Greece and abroad. He has also played in several films by Telemachos Alexiou and Sebideh Farsi, as well as various theatre plays.

Dafin Antoniadou is a choreographer, performer and dancer based in Athens. In 2016, she graduated first in her class from the Greek National School of Dance (KSOT). In 2017 Antoniadiou premiered her first choreographic work, Matter, in collaboration with composer Constantine Skourlis and artist Stathis Doganis, at the 

Beton7 Centre for the Arts in Athens. 
She has since engaged in various artistic projects and collaborations, such as the multidimensional performance/installation AnimaCaptus–Troades with Rafika Chawise, and Efi Birba’s performance piece Don Quixote, 2nd Book, chapter 23.

Constantine Skourlis is a musician, composer and producer from Athens, Greece. Skourlis has released music under his own name as well as collaboratively with pianist Christos Sakellaridis under the project Ekkert. Constantine has performed all over the world in different contexts such as festivals, museums, galleries, nightclubs, theaters.  Alongside releasing and performing his own music, a recent focal point in Skourlis’ work has been in composition for film, dance and music-theatre.


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