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    Raed Yassin  

>> 13-15.03.2020 

    Onassis Stegi
Main Stage 

Photo © Gustav Mützel   

A rock musical performed by taxidermy animals, “The Sea Between My Soul” promises to cross boundaries between installation and theater, music and light, and even life and death. 

Concept & Direction 

Raed Yassin


Music & Lyrics 

Alan Bishop  


Hussein Baydoun 


Lighting Design  

Charlie Astrom  

Production Design 

Konstantinos Sakkas

Technical Supervisor    

Vasilis Saltas 

Assistant to the Director 

Raisa Hagiu

Line Production Assistant  

Angelika Stavropoulou

3D Modeling & Manufactures 

George Loukrezis 

Set Construction & Installation

Panagiotis Lazaridis 

Electrical Equipment & Installations

Nikos Papathanasis 

Lyrics translation in Greek

Lenia Safiropoulou  

Production Management 

Delta Pi 

Produced by 

Onassis Stegi


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Friday 13 March through Sunday 25 March, at 20:00 & 22.00  


Main Stage of the Onassis Stegi,

107-109 Syngrou Ave, Athens


Presales & Box Office:

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Very special thanks to

Afroditi Panagiotakou, Christos Carras, Christina Pitouli, Monira Al Qadiri, Said Baalbabki, Ash Bulayev 


Raed Yassin’s hyper-disciplinary practice evolves into this multi-sensory theatrical performance "slash" musical-cum-sculptural extravaganza. A morbid reflection on the long standing history of fatalities in the Mediterranean sea, the work will be punctuated by the high-strung notes of Alan Bishop’s singing voice, adding a whiff of absurdity to the otherwise apocalyptic scenario that surrounds us in the world today.


"In modern culture, animals are used anthropomorphic manifestations of human character and emotion, often given names and attributed personalities. This humanizing tendency has metastasized through the popular imagination, in cartoons, zoology, children’s fables and the Internet. Using animals as conduits of human wisdom and story telling is a tradition as old as time itself, but at no other time has this mythology risen to the phantasmic heights it has today, where we actually truly believe that animals feel and function just like we do. That animals are virtual avatars of ourselves, completely mirroring our psychological conception of the world as we know it. 

In this multi-sensorial work, this performative mirroring is accentuated by fusing black humor with absurdity to reflect our contemporary moment: on stage, taxidermy animals who are no longer alive narrate their story from beginning to end, using tropes of lyrical folk songs and a cacophonous rock musical. Much like they are seen in the displays of natural history museums, a drama unfolds through their silent bodies by simply hinting there is a voice or action emanating from them.

Through specific poses, light, sound and the power of suggestion, human nature dictates that we see life in these creatures. They are no longer just mute mounted skins, they are singing, acting and momentarily - alive. Their gratuitous ‘death on display’ is erased through the illustration of life.


In much the same way as animals have been pushed out of view in recent times, so has death itself. Seeing death directly causes discomfort, even though humans are the main cause of so much of it in the world. The face of death is increasingly concealed from us, as we shy away from confronting it in every way possible. No matter how disconcerting it is, these animals embody a truer representation of death than any other. In order to narrate a story about death, there is no better narrator than the deceased themselves. As if resurrected from an unknown past, these animals chronicle their fatal journey by speaking from a dimension beyond the one we know. Removed from their natural habitat and displaced into an urban landscape somewhere by the sea, their appearance in this way somehow predicts the current dark moment of our times". 


Raed Yassin


Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Clavinet, Backing Vocals  

Adham Zidan


Amelie Legrand  


Vocals, Percussion   

Aya Hemeda   

Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals  

Cherif El Masri

Mastered by 

Mark Gergis 

Produced by    

Alan Bishop, Adham Zidan 

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Alto Saxophone  

Alan Bishop


Eyvind Kang



Jessica Kenney  


Morgan Mikkelsen  



Nadah El Shazley   

All Music, Lyrics, And Narration Text By Alan Bishop (2019).

Recorded And Engineered By Adham Zidan In Cairo, December 2019/January 2020.

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