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ATHENS FESTIVAL - July 13-14, 2017, 9pm



Written by: Elvira Dones


Translation: Eleana Ziakou


Stage Direction / Music Selection: Enke Fezollari


Adaptation: Maria Skaftoura, in collaboration with the director


Dramaturgy: Natalie Minioti


Lighting design: Alekos Yiannaros


Set & Costumes design: Daphne Koliva, Evelina Darzenta


Director's Assistant: Ioanna Pitaouli


2nd Director's Assistant: Apostolis Kokkalis


Press & Communication: Maria Konstantopoulou


Photography: Christina Georgiadou

Executive Production

Konstantinos Sakkas


Project Coordination

Maria Vasariotou


Technical/Stage Manager

Vasia Christodoulou


Production Assistant 

Giorgos Nomikos


Production Management

Delta Pi


Supported by



The sworn virgin Hana/Mark follows the example set by the ancient Antigone and turns herself into a peculiar, Balkan version of the iconic maiden. In protest against the absurdity of power, she decides to bury her own body, as opposed to the body of a dead brother, in the rocky landscape of Shkodër, Northern Albania.
The persecuted female body, buried alive in “death’s stone bridal chamber,” is at the centre of this modern “myth.” Hana voluntarily renounces her femininity and takes on the male alias “Mark” in an effort to secure the most basic of human rights: self-determination and freedom. Her decision enables her to escape the violence of Hoxha’s patriarchal, totalitarian regime in communist-era Albania. Ultimately, she succeeds in creating a perfectly distinct and respectable identity for herself. Will things take a turn for the worse, though, when the “progressive” West “liberates” those persecuted bodies?
When the heroine travels to America to reunite with her beloved ones, she will be compelled to address the conflict between her female nature and the masculine prison she made for herself.


Parthenopi Bouzouri, Angela Brouskou, Georgianna Dalara, Giorgos Papapavlou, Maria Skaftoura, Stathis Stamoulakatos, Antonis Fragakis

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