‘Removement’ constitutes a visual and performing arts exhibition, which aims at interpreting, attributing and synthetically presenting motion and/or alteration, which characterizes a land, through the creative utilisation of mixed media. 

Removement premiered on the island of Santorini in 2015, followed by Athens interventions in 2017.


Each time Removement is presented to a new destination, our creative and scientific team visits the location and conducts a social and cultural research, adapted to Removement's main guidelines. Under the broader topic of movement and alteration, Removement collaborates with both local and international artists to create a vivid and pioneer mixed media exhibition, (with artworks such as installations, video-art, multimedia, performances, photography, etc) that are linked together, forming a linear story, through which the visitor becomes intellectually and emotionally associated with. 

Additionally, Removement aims to document and keep track of data regarding a number of different and unique destinations, and to process the date on a final research that will be concluded after a number of presentations. 


For more info please check Removement's official webpage: 

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