Installation project by STELLA BOLLONAKI 

An in-situ art installation designed on the basis of the classical Labyrinth. Within its walls, visitors go through a route and encounter a series of events that depict and interpret issues related with the refugee crisis. 

Conception-Installation: Stella Bolonaki Visual Artist 

Curator: Maria Vasariotou

Constructions: Nikos Saperas Architect


La Linea de la Vive is inspired by the refugee issue in Greece. During the last years, people from various countries of the East have flowed into the Greek territory, most of them uncertain of when and whether they will be given permission to enter the North European countries, which are –for the majority of the refugees- the desired final destination. 

The title derives from the Spanish phrase La Linea de la Muertos, a reference to the passage of the US - Mexican border.

The project La Linea de la Vive is not displayed as a work of art; it is rather a choreographic artwork composed by improvisations performed in the appropriated space. Using as primary art-tools the walking experience, the element of water, sound, light and video projection, the project leads to further exploration, confusion, surprise and loss of orientation and direction, in order to approach the emergence of some people’s reality, of them pushed across borders by conflict and persecution.

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