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ATHENS - June 19-20, 2017



Collaborative Choreography:

Vasso Giannakopoulou, Iris Karayan, Maria Koliopoulou, Mariela Nestora, Katerina Skiada


Music: Antonis Palaskas


Lighting design: Tassos Palaioroutas


Dramaturgy: Betina Panagiotara


Set and visual design: Vassilis Gerodimos


Costume design: Vasileia Rozana


Project Coordinator

Maria Vasariotou


Executive Production

Konstantinos Sakkas


Production Management

Delta Pi




Five choreographers; twelve new dancers; an artistic experiment. Rapidly Becoming is multiple things at once: a performance, a choreographic process, a cooperation methodology, a framework for producing art, an educational project. The title alludes to the process of creation: the word rapidly renders the sense of rapidity and the dynamics during the creation of a play, while becoming denotes a process of continuous redefinition and evolution. Without an a priori set of themes or aesthetics, Rapidly Becoming will capture the process of creating a collective work, aiming to merge the five artists' diverse voices into a seamless work of a common choreographic style, with an emphasis on the end product and a cohesive yet startling dramaturgy. The team of choreographers, along with new performers and other collaborators will collectively bring this work to life, employing body, movement, speech, sound, light, and the stage.

Performed by:

Ioanna Angelopoulou, Mina Ananiadou, Anna Apergi, Nanti Gogoulou, Paola Rebbeca Drea, Venetsiana Kalampaliki, Dafni Krazoudi, Vasia Kolliou, Natalia Baka, Konstantina Barkouli, Christina Reinhardt, Afroditi-Myrto Tricheili

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