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Concept, Artistic Direction

Maria Vasariotou



Artistic Consultant

Konstantinos Sakkas



Assistant Curator

Yorgos Nomikos



Research Partner

Polina Yoltzoglou



Production Assistant

Flora Karamolegkou



Production Management

Delta-Pi / BepArt




Santorini Arts Factory



‘Removement’ constitutes a visual and performing arts exhibition, which aims at interpreting, attributing and synthetically presenting motion or/and alteration, which characterizes a land, through the creative utilisation of mixed media. 
Participating Artists: Zilvinas Kempinas, Yorgos Maraziotis, Stella Bolonaki, Anna-Maria Samara, Georgia Damianou, Olga Bogdanou, Florina Art School

The choice of Santorini as a symbolic starting point and the first geographic site of Removement is interpreted by the historic, geological and social facts which are synonymous to endless motion and volatility. Alteration on Santorini is not limited only to the human environment, but it also expands to natural landscape, as it constitutes a constantly changing condition. Having the volcano and its historic activity as a point of reference, the transformation of the landscape, the mobility of the subsoil and the reformulation of the island’s shape, take place timelessly. In parallel, Santorini is daily affected by the weather conditions, which have a dynamic impact on its natural, external image. The fluidity of nature is followed by human activity. The movement of populations, either as internal migration or tourist flow, reinforces that every minute an alteration, real but also metaphorical, takes place. The leakage of the majority of the population after the great earthquake is reversed with the progressive consolidation of the location as a global destination. The current dominant touristic nature of the island renders the daily arrival, meeting and interaction of thousands of visitors from around the world, a permanent reality.

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