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>> 1&3.7.2023
Athens Epidauros Festival

   Androniki Marathaki

painfully painless 3 by Konstantinos Kallivretakis

Photo © Konstantinos Kallivretakis

How does the body in pain move and communicate? Where are the boundaries between pain and pleasure in an era where the alternation between those two takes place instantly? At this summer's Athens Epidaurus Festival, Androniki Marathaki’s ‘Painfully Painless’ seeks a sensory, pre-linguistic, unspeakable language.

Choreography - Research:
Androniki Marathaki

Performance - Research:
Eltron Petri, Sofia Pouchtou, Despoina Sanida-Krezia,
Despina Chatzipavlidou

Dramaturgical contribution:
Steriani Tsintziloni

Sound design - Live processing
with electronic means:

Jannis Anastasakis

Visual installation design
and construction:

Natalia Manta

Embedded systems:
Georgios Roustas

Lighting design:
Nysos Vasilopoulos

Photo editing:
Eftihia Liapi 

Artistic collaborator:
Eleni Mylona

External collaborators:
Filippos Vasileiou, John Britton, Mersianna Eleftheriadou,
Kostis Kallivretakis, Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis, Leda Diochnou

Development consultant:
Rallou Avramidou 

Production management:
Delta Pi, Cloudsdonthaveshape

The ‘Let’s be comfortable in our
own skin’ dance practice is supported by:

Mykonos Biennale, Island Connect, Isadora & Raymond Duncan
Dance Research Center,
Unplugged Dance

Athens Epidaurus Festival, Cloudsdonthaveshape

Funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and the NEON Organization for Culture and Development




When: July 1&3

Where: Piraios 260 B,
Athens Epidauros Festival



Marathaki and her team approach this subject matter through methods invented for pain management. They develop the piece along two basis axes, one kinetic and one sonic. On the one hand, the work focuses on the sensation of bodily pain. A body in pain moves in such a way as to always pursue and complete what is not there. It lives, organizes and regulates itself through memories from the time when it was ‘complete’ and healthy.

Its movement, presently elliptical, is realized every moment along with whatever is omitted. On the other hand, the work guides us to listen to the particular language in which the phantom of pain expresses itself. 


The performers recite mantras, words, instructions on pain management; they laugh, cry, breathe and everything is recorded, played back and gradually converted into audio frequencies.

In Painfully Painless, the kinetic and sonic axes cross paths in multiple ways and instantly illuminate connections highlighting social, religious and cultural mandates on pain.


The project ‘Painfully Painless’ originated as one of the “reflections” of an improvisational dance practice that choreographer Androniki Marathaki has been developing since 2020.
Under the title “let’s be comfortable in our 

own skin”, she explored a practice that focuses on movement through bodily sensations rather than movement as it is perceived, guided and observed from an external point of view.




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