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>> 11-13.03.2022
    Onassis Stegi / ONC9

   Alexandros Stavropoulos


Alexandros Stavropoulos' latest choreography, On Wednesdays We Wear Pink, highlights the diverse forms and contradictions inherent in representations of femininity. Drawing on a repository of pop culture and kitch, the work’s five figures share a repetitious daily existence and the dream of escape, like living mannequins in a window display searching for the exit. 

Concept & choreography: Alexandros Stavropoulos

Performers on stage:
Gabriela Antonopoulou,

Eleftheria Iliopoulou,
Despoina Lagoudaki,
Daphne Stathatou,
Stefania Sotiropoulou

Choreography assistant:
Christiana Kossiari

Dramaturgy & research:
Steriani Tsintziloni


Original Music:
Konstantina Polychronopoulou

Set Design & Construction:
Mairi Tsagkari

Light Design:
Marietta Pavlaki

Costume Design & construction:
Francesco Infante

Choreography assistant & latin dance teacher:
Marios Hadjantonis

External eye:
Anastasios Koukoutas

Production management:
Delta Pi



In the gilded cage of a dream-like, fairy-tale refuge, the five female performers give themselves over to a series of transformations: confirmed feminists and misunderstood Barbies, Disney princesses and amazons, all seeking satisfaction and emancipation.

As such, they test the limits of these archetypical identities, mixing their disparate ingredients together in a search for the perfect concoction: the one that will lead to the fulfilment of their desires.


The title of the work references the day that lies indifferently among the other days or, from another perspective, the day that is doomed to always be stuck in the middle. The title ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink’ acts as a liberating incitement to reject pomposity, while also referencing the rules of the notorious Plastics – a clique of girlfriends in the American teen movie ‘Mean Girls’ (2004), as well as a song of the same title written by Reese Lansangan as an homage to the film.

Alexandros Stavropoulos is a dancer and choreographers from Athens, Greece. His very first choreography. ‘Cinderella’s’ (2020), gained him the honor of appearing as part of the Aerowaves 2021 network.

Alexandros Stavropoulos is not new to the stage of Onassis Stegi: in 2020 he performed there in Evi Souli’s ‘442m or A Game Without Score’, and in 2017 as one of the dancers in Hannes Langolf and Ermira Goro’s ‘Dandelion’.




11 – 13 March 2022, 19:00


New Choreographers Festival 9,  main stage @Onassis Stegi

Tickets: 5-7€
Book Here


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