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Ermira Goro

Dance - 2022


Repetition, attraction and rejection are the elements Ermira Goro utilizes to create a true experience of the primeval and ever-cherished concept of rituals. With the help of six dancers and an original composition by Stavros Gasparatos, the work explores how contemporary art may be part of the quest for, or better put, the invention of ‘new’ rituals necessary for our survival.

In an era where 'rituals' have become individualized and detached from the context of community, how do we detect the physical memory that exists in all authentic rituals? How exactly does this form of memory survive? To find answers, Goro seeks something that may be impossible to find any longer. Flashes of memory, fragments of movement, shells of experience underline the question driving the piece forward: if rituals inhabit our common cellular memory, what can they reveal about their contemporary structure and the bodies attempting to perform them?

The full performance can be found here.



Choreography and Concept
Ermira Goro
Iro Konti, Dimitra Mertzani, Martha Pasakopoulou, Elton Petri, Sofia Pouchtou, Thanos Ragousis

 Anastasios Koukoutas
Original Music Score
Stavros Gasparatos
Music Composer Assistant

Alexandra Katerinopoulos
Set and Costume Design

 Christos Delidimos
Costume Construction

Anastasia Karatza
Light Designer

Vaggelis Mountrichas
Assistant light operator

 Alex Hills
Production Management


Pinelopi Gerasimou 
Alaska Films
Production & Touring Management
Delta Pi


Ermira Goro is an artist of movement and dance theater, and is always in search of new forms of research and communication of her ideas. Goro graduated from the State School of Orchestral Art and then found herself in New York as a fellow of the Pratsika Brothers Scholarship Foundation and the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY). In the United States she focused on the research of interpretation, the composition of improvisation and movement, collaborated with international dance groups and created her first choreographies. From 2007 to 2016 she was a member of the internationally recognized DV8 Physical Theatre team as a performer, teacher and research and development / choreography assistant. As a choreographer, she has presented her work at the Judson Church, the Cultural Center ‘Hellenic World - Foundation for the Greater Culture’, Joyce SoHo, Chora Theater, Point Theater, PS 122, Danspace Project, GalapagosArtSpace, School 2 Festival, the Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2014/2016/2022 and at the House of Letters and Arts.

Past & Upcoming Performances


Athens Epidauros Festival - Athens, Greece

Traveling & Technical specifications

Duration: 25 min or 40 min 
Number of people traveling: 9 persons

Minimum Stage Details: 10 x 10 m, riser, black box, black linoleum floor

Technical Rider: please find the original lighting plan here
More technical details available upon request

Contact us

For further information or bookings please contact us here

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