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We find each other in the Plenum

Zoi Efstathiou

Dance - 2020


‘We find each other in the Plenum’ is a duet by Zoi Efstathiou. It is an ode to dance and the connection of the inner life of two women and the world around them. The titular ‘plenum’ refers to the multitude inside us all, the multitude of thoughts, feelings and experiences that are created by our interaction with the Other. From below the surface of these experiences, the dancers reach out in search of a relationship, encouragement and trust.

The Other is the one who influences our thought and emotions – the one who constructs our reality. That is the idea that We find each other in the plenum attempts to show, through the lens of the common journey of two women, their relationship to each other and their exchange of experiences in a world of loneliness.

To do so, the work is carefully separated into three pieces, each reflecting on a different aspect of the feminine. At first, the dancers move in perfect harmony and synchronisation. Soon enough, small changes start to appear, providing the connecting link for the continuation of the piece. The transition from one part to another is a necessity for the relationship of the two, always maintaining the interaction and the importance of the existence of the other.

‘We find each other in the Plenum’ focuses on pure movement and repetition and is characterised by an hypnotic atmosphere that gives the audience time to reflect and guides them into a bi-directional relationship with the performers.



Concept and Choreography
Zoi Efstathiou
Sofia Martiou
Compositionfor the song “Echoes of a Distance” 
 Fabian Fiorini
 Athena Routsi, Claudia Matola 
 Fotis Mylonas 
 Ellada Damianou 
Special thanks to:
Kinitiras Artistic Network for Performing Arts
Photo credits
Ypatia Kornarou
Touring Management
Delta Pi


Zoi Efstathiou is a dancer and choreographer from Greece. Zoi studied with a full scholarship in the Professional Dance School `Niki Kontaksaki – Nikoletta Bakali` in Athens (2007-2010). After graduation she travelled to Belgium where she still lives today. Since 2016 she has collaborated with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker as a Repertory dancer in Belgium. Between 2013 and 2016 she performed with Michèle Noiret’s production ‘Hors – Champ’. From 2010 to 2015 she collaborated with choreographer Dominique Duszynski in the productions `Sous Les Ponts’ (2010), `Sotto Voces` (2011), `Walkabout` (2014). They also created the duet `Riff` (2012-2015) together, which has been performed in France, Belgium and Brazil. Meanwhile, Zoi created and performed her own productions `Mr Gingerbread Man` (2012/2018), `9 NiNe` (2014), `Chapter I` (2015), `(-)US` (2019) and `We Find Each Other in the Plenum` (2018) in Belgium, Greece and Austria.

The dance duet `We Find Each Other in the Plenum` was selected to be presented in the Rotterdam International Duet Choreographic Competition where it was one of the finalists and after an online vote the piece was first in audience`s preference.

Zoi’s main research interest is the floating and grounded body that dances. The suspension that begins from the dancers’ deep connection with the earth becomes the basic characteristic of a different and unique technique, which follows the lines that already exist in the space and creates new inner geometries.

Past & Upcoming Performances


SzólóDuó Festival - Budapest, Hungary (online stream)

RIDCC, Rotterdam Theater  - Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Arc For Dance Festival  - Athens, Greece

Traveling & Technical specifications

Number of people traveling: 3 persons

Minimum stage dimensions: 16m x 7m

Stage description: black box, black backdrop
Technical sheet

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Lighting plan

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