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In Situ

Elena Antoniou
Durational Performance - 2019


With In Situ, dance and performance artist Elena Antoniou presents the concept of a long durational performance. In Situ is about viewing and being viewed, viewing somebody else’s observation, observing the act of viewing and elevating human presence to an everlasting artefact. Up until now, In Situ has been presented for 21 days, 129 hours at Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, Cyprus Museum, Neues Museum Berlin and other places.

In Situa has two parts, or forms. In the first, the artist begins her performance by visiting the Museum and observing its exhibits. Then she invites the audience to observe the antiquities as well as her attempt to interact with the exhibits, the space and the visitors of the Museum. The long duration of her presence in the space evokes a transformation of roles and relationships, as the context and content of the act is being constantly redefined.

In the second part of In Sita, The artist introduces her work involving the human/creator in a space disassociated to the museum. Placed on a plinth for 6 hours, the artist operates on the creation of a live exhibit in the here and now, through which the body and the human presence is elevated to an everlasting artefact. The presence of the beholder activates the transition between the sound and visual environment while the long duration of her presence in the space evokes a transformation of roles and relationships, constantly redefining the context and content of the act.



Concept and Performance
Elena Antoniou

Sound Composition
Stavros Gasparatos
Touring & Production Partner

Delta Pi

Special Thanks
Polys Peslikas, Georgios Makridis, Giulia Galvan, Yiannis Violaris and to the Department of Antiquities Cyprus


Elena Antoniou is a first-class graduate of the Greek National School of Dance in Athens, and of The Place’s London Contemporary Dance School.She is a member of the EDGE Dance Company and has received scholarships from the Koula Pratsika Foundation in Athens and the ImPulsTanz danceWEB Programme in Vienna. She was awarded the Choreography Prize at the Cyprus Theatre Awards for her work on the Cyprus Theatre Organisation production ‘Diary of a Madman’, and was nominated in the same category for the Solo Gia Treis Theatre Company production ‘Beckett X 5’.

In 2016, Antoniou took part in the joint NEON and Marina Abramovic Institute project ‘AS ONE’, presenting her long-durational performance ‘An Eight-Hour Journey’ at the Benaki Museum in Athens under the curatorial oversight of Marina Abramovic, Serge Le Borgne and Paula Garcia.

Antoniou has also served as a choreographer and movement coach for various theatre productions in Cyprus and Greece. Her collaborative works with the artist Polys Peslikas have been presented in Athens, Berlin, Tel Aviv and Cyprus.

Past & Upcoming Performances


Athens Epidaurus Festival, Archaeological Museum of Piraeus - Piraeus, Greece


Cyprus Museum – Nicosia, Cyprus


Rialto Theater - Limassol, Cyprus

30/11 - 2/12/2017

Neues Museum Berlin-  Berlin, Germany


Archaeological Museum of the Lemesos District – Limassol, Cyprus

Traveling & Technical specifications

Number of people traveling: 1-2 persons

Minimum stage requirements: In Situ is designed for exhibition and museum spaces

Further techinical details upon request

Contact us

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