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Holy Purple

 Androniki Marathaki
Dance and installation - 2021


Holy Purple is an artistic constellation formed by four distinct yet intertwined parts. Consisting of a dance performance,  a digital art project, an installation and a workshop. In its essence, Holy purple is a work of movement on moving ground. In a way, Holy Purple explores the relations between movements – between dimensions of the body, between performers and even between the performance and the audience.

The installation and performance  revolve around a specially constructed interactive platform, which shifts inclination with every movement.

The platform represents the PURPLE, Literally and figuratively a disputed space, a field where it is impossible to identify where, when and how we might find balance and stability. Depending on the venue, different combinations of Holy Purple’s constitutive parts are possible.

For the dance performance ‘hiding in holy purple’, the choreographer emphasizes relationships – not things. She investigates the boundaries of a dance performance and processes conditions in which rationality meets corporeality. To do so, she focuses on the nature of her two female dancers, and lays out a journey of five stages for them. Their relationship is constantly forced to invent a momentary coordination – at times they are isolated, at others they will have an emptiness between them and sometimes they will be in conflict. These relations reflect dispositions and motions that emerge within various points of the body.

When the same space is opened to the audience as an interactive installation, under the title ‘turning in the holy purple’, the same themes are tackled from another perspective. Two participants at a time will share the moving platform for 20 minutes, changing its inclination according to the way they shift their weight. How does their relationship unfold? What will drive their next step? The way the participants manage and process their weight depends on instant decisions that are revealed before our eyes. As they learn to appreciate the responsibility of simply being, freeing themselves through their relation with the other, they will discover different dimensions of their body, and their relation to space and time. 

Please find a full recording of the dance performance 'Hiding in Holy Purple' here (password=DYO)

The digital project 'Gardening the Holy Purple' can be found here



Research, choreography, artistic direction
Androniki Marathaki
Research and performance
Candy Karra, Loukiani Papadaki
Sound composition and programming
Lambros Pigounis
Nyssos Vassilopoulos
Platform curator

Filippos Vassiliou
Steriani Tsintziloni
Rallou Avramidou
Website visual curation
Yiannis Kranidiotis
Poster design
Eftihia Liapi
Video and photos
Alekos Bourelias, Christos Bourelias

Kostis Kallivretakis
Feldenkrais Method guidance
Nick Strauss Klein (Feldenkraisproject)
Production organization
Delta-Pi, Cloudsdonthaveshape A.M.K.E.


Androniki Marathaki studied Conservation of Arts and Antiquitites and Dance in Greece. Honoured by National State Scholarships Foundation of Greece (I.K.Y.), she continued her studies abroad at the MA level and evolved her own practice as research in choreography and dance. She cultivates a necessity for a continuous updating of the relationship between Dance, Social mechanisms and perceptual potentialities, questioning even her own personal identity as dancer, dance maker and dance teacher.

In recent years Androniki has received funding from multiple organisations to present the fourfold performances under the theme ‘Love & Revolution’: Anomaly of the least (I.F. Kostopoulou Foundation, 2016), Proseuxes/Praires (2017), A masturdating (Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, 2018), Hi Jack.Hijack! (5th Young Choreographers Festival/Onassis Cultural Center, 2018), as well as the twofold performances under the umbrella of ‘it’s not about if you will love me tomorrow’: it's not about if you will love me tomorrow_Part 1 (Greek Ministry of Culture, 2019) and it's not about if you will love me tomorrow_Part 2 ( Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2019).

Androniki often collaborates with artists such as Lambros Pigounis, Nysos Vasilopoulos, Filippos Vasileiou, Vitoria Kotsalou, and others. Her last performances elaborate, through movement-scapes and flows of movement, an effort to allow the indications of humanity and nature to appear and to consider triviality and fractals as expanding symmetries of Dance and Life. Informed by these themes, she establishes her personal practice for dance improvisation, collaborates with theatre director Konstantinos Ntellas and guides workshops for children, adults and mixed groups of professional and non-professional dancers. As an educator for the program ‘Dancing to connect’, she is a close associate of the Onassis Cultural Centre.


More of Androniki's work can be found under the thematic umbrella's Love & Revolution and it's not about if you will love me tomorrow, as well as her Vimeo.

Past & Upcoming Performances


Municipal Theatre of Piraeus - Piraeus , Greece


Public Agora of Kypseli - Athens, Greece

Traveling & Technical specifications

Runtime (Dance component): 40 minutes
Number of people traveling: 6 persons

Stage requirements: Holy Purple is performed on a custom-made platform suitable for exhibition and outdoor spaces. Travel and cargo details available upon request.

Further technical details available upon request

Contact us

For further information or bookings please contact us here

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