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Dance -2022


ATITLON presents its dancers like figures on a canvas. Just like in a painting, the figures and their manifestations embody fragments of memories and experiences buried deep in the mind of the creator. The figures might once have been people, but behind ATITLON’s revolving canvas doors, only their essence remains. Dancers are turned into silhouettes, mapping and documenting their movements through the traces they leave behind.

By using the body in this way, ATITLON offers a figurative allegory of the universal human imperative to create. Dancers move like a flock of bodies between Chaos and Eros, opening up a space for unconscious images to project themselves. As memories and notions begin to lead a life of their own, the painter is left as an invisible spectator, a victim of his own creation.




Choreography, concept and artistic direction
Anontia Economou
Original music

Constantine Skourlis


Achilleas Haritos
Stage design and execution

Giannis Theodorakis
Director of photography / Design

Andrianos Efthymiadis
Light design

 Antonia Economou, John Nelson Eskioglou
Sound engineer

Nick Kazazis
Stage technicians

Giorgos Papazoglou, Epaminontas Kitsios

John Nelson Eskioglou
PR and Communications

Aglaia Pagona
Rehearsal space

Project 8
Touring Management
Delta Pi


Other Music
Vivaldi, 'Pieta: Sacred Works (for alto)'
Assistant Choreographer / Production Assistant
Xenia Tabourlou
Assistant Director
Pavlos Lykoudis
Dramaturgical Advisor
Iraklis Kotsarinis
The Muse | Xenia Stathouli
The Ego | Pavlos Lykoudis
Eros | Chris Radanov
Chaos | Nikos Tsolis
Coryphaeus of chorus | Orestes Alexiadis

Xenia Tabourlou
Stella Pagiati
Dimitris Tsikouras

Konstantinos Katsoudas


Elissavet Zacharaki


Antonia Economou (1995) is a Greek choreographer, director and performer. After studying dance and choreography at London Studio Centre she returned to Athens. After finishing her degree in History of Art, she established a close academic relationship with the discipline, which constitutes her primary source of inspiration for creating images on stage. Economou is the founder, executive producer and artistic director at the non-profit ERGO Collective, a creative platform founded in 2017 on the premise of collective creation of meanings and collaborative processes between artists in Athens and abroad.

Antonia’s works, created and performed in Athens between 2017-2019, include: CORPO, TO THE ABYSS, HOLY FATHER (2017, Contemporary Theatre of Athens), PiETA (2018, Roes Theatre) and PiETA II (2019, Alternative Stage, Greek National Opera, SNF Cultural Centre). Her efforts to create these works was focused around the vivid images and narrative of Dante Alighieri's Trilogy, and later around the form and body in Michelangelo’s artistic practice.

Another piece, Composition for six bodies was conceived during the pandemic and was performed in July 2020 in Athens (Amaxostasio, Papagou Festival, archaeological space of Plato's Academia). The piece acquired a digital dimension as a short film titled COMPOSITION: snakes for her, about a woman and her dreams at night that merge with reality and make it unstable. The film is currently distributed internationally (Best experimental film at Berlin Indie Film Festival / Official Selection at Los Angeles Experimental, Dance & Music festival, Finalist at Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival and others).

In addition to her work in dance and film, Antonia works in the Athenian theatre scene as a movement curator and consultant.

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Number of people traveling: 10 persons
Full technical details available upon request

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