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Roes Theatre - 2007
Bios - 2008



Written & Stage Directed by

Konstantinos Sakkas


Lighting Design

Christina Thanasoula


Set Design

Konstantinos Kypriotakis



Konstantinos Sakkas


Songs performed by

Lizeta Kalimeri


Voice Off 

Amalia Moutousi


Performed by

Dimitris Makalias

Rena Xagorari



"Number 17" was first performed in April 2007 in "Roes Theatre" in Athens, Greece. Due to its surprising success it was performed again next year in "Bios" mainstage in Athens, Greece. Its unique text, filled with lyrical and poetic lines, in addition to the sinical stage direction, led to a controversy in comments on whether poetry and theatre might really work together well. Nevertheless, this pioneer experiment was recognised by the audience's applause and by remarkable critics. Also, the play was published by "Sokolis-Kouledakis" Publications in Greek in 2008, an edition that includes the original text, the cast and photographs from the performance. 



The play is about a boy that wonders in his own mind, trying to define who he really is and who he truly wants to become. By re-experiencing harsh moments of his past, he struggles in order to survive in a world that -in the end- might not be that suitable for him. A travel through memories, ideals and definitions about the self and the human relationships. This journey's outcome is something the audience has to find out, since the spectator also becomes "one" with the boy in his quest for truth. The goal of the contributors is to invite the audience to participate in a hard journey that leads to the hidden truths that everybody buries deep inside his soul. 

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