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>> 25-30.01.2022
Haus N Athen


    Georgia Paizi

MUTE-Katerina2_©Ιάσων Αρβανιτάκης.jpeg

Photo © Iason Arvanitakis   

By placing four dancers with wireless headphones through the silent and empty exhibition space of  Haus N Athen, MUTE investigates the traces of music when the music is missing. It finds it in the bare space’s transient shifts, when the very recent past and the very immediate future overlap, and the body is everywhere.

Concept and choreography:  Georgia Paizi

Lina Vergopoulou, Katerina Delakoura, Elton Petri,

Augustinas Potsios

Music curating & performance:
Jeph Vanger

Iasonas Arvanitakis


Production Management:
Delta Pi


Produced by


MUTE is supported by ARTWORKS and the Greek Ministry of Culture





25/01 | 14:00 – 18:00
26/01 | 18:00 – 22:00
28/01 | 18:00 – 22:00
30/01 | 14:00 – 18:00) 


Haus N Athen

Tickets & Admissions: 

Free admission; pre-booking your seat is required; link here


As the four dancers tune into four different soundscapes for four hours, visitors freely move through around the exhibition space, where they can browse or sit at their leisure. It is up to the audience whether they watch the four solo performances in silence, or listen in by plugging their own ear-pods into the audio cables around the room.

The recent intensification of digital media in work, education, communication and the arts, is still resonating in the anthropological experience of personal space. As space becomes hybrid in all possible ways (analog/digital, public/private, physical/imaginary, visible/invisible, fragmental/continuous), the shrinking of public spaces, the dominance of the workplace over our homes, and the simultaneous increase in rents, intensify the feeling of being trapped within a monitored zone, where one feels more and more exposed. 

At the same time, Georgia Paizi poses, another type of visibility is being claimed, mainly through the current inclusive and interdisciplinary feminist discourse, generating anew spatial experiences, as well as, perhaps, a healing concept of boundary, both as a meeting surface, but also as a line of defence.

MUTE is the third work of COCHLEA res & Georgia Paizi that explores the synaethesiac interplay between visual and auditory experience, within a series of works about gesture, oral broadcasting, distraction, literiality and metaphor. 


Georgia Paizi is a dance-artist based in Athens, Greece, where she makes, teaches and writes on dance and the moving body. Georgia studies dance in London, Amsterdam and New York (MA Creative Practice – Dance Professional delivered by the organisation Independent Dance at Trinity Laban in London; Alexander technique 3-year training at London Centre for Alexander Technique and Teacher Training) and social sciences and humanities in Greece (MA in Design – Space – Cultural Studies; BA in Theatre Studies). In 2021, she was awarded the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship by ARTWORKS.

Georgia’s current dance practice explores the concepts of language, lexicon and vocabulary as common ground between movement and spoken word practices, tracing the dance in the absence of dance, as well as the contemporary rituals of social dancing in the era of social distancing and the shrinking of public space. As a choreographer, Georgia works with the collective COCHLEA res, through which she also organises the programme SynAski/14. COCHLEA res has been receiving funding from the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports since 2020.



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