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>> 25.07-14.08.2022
Left wing of Stavros Niarchos Hall - SNFCC

Stavros Gasparatos
& Lars Jan


We're eager to finally announce the premiere of LAPSE: an audiovisual collaboration by Stavros Gasparatos and Lars Jan that has been years in the making. Mesmerizing, personal, and political, LAPSE presents a sonic portrait of a contemporary urban life; the music we collectively and unconsciously make together everyday as we create an incidental symphony through a chorus of infinite action, below the satellite-saturated sky.

Co-creation, Music Composition,
Sound Installation, Originated by:

Stavros Gasparatos

Co-creation, Film Direction,
Visual Installation:

Lars Jan

Creative & Executive Producer:
Konstantinos Sakkas

Associate Architect:

Vassilis Saltas  

Touring Supervisor: Manolis Vitsaxakis

Renders & Plans: Sofia Keramida 


Composer’s Assistant:

Alexandra Katerinopoulos  


The ArchLabyrinth

Production manager assistant:

Anna Vakontiou

Line production assistant:

Katerina Kazou  


Legal Consultant:

Theodoros Chiou


Directed & Written by Lars Jan 

Director of Photography & Drone Operator: Tassos Fytros / FlyingDog Aerial Media 

Performed by Dominiki Drakopoulou, Emmanouela Pechynaki, Efi Koutsakou, Nyreys  Markakis  

Edited by Studio Lars Jan Inc.  

Video Graphics:

Michalis Neromyliotis

Sound editing: Studio 1-2-3

Casting by Delta Pi productions

& arts management

Costumes Designer & Wardrobe: Konstantina Mardiki  

Line Producer: Maria Drandaki / Homemade Films  

Line Producer: Giannis Karantanis 

Location Scout & Unit Production Manager: Giorgos Karoris 

Drone Assistant: Giannis Gemelaris

Production Coordinator & First AD: Malvina Lorida 

Production Assistant:

Danai Giannakopoulou  

Line Production Assistants: Dimitris Dimitriou, Stefanos Dimopoulos

Medic: Stelios Tsalikis / Pashna 

Executive Producer:

Konstantinos Sakkas

Produced by Delta Pi




July 25 – August 14, 2022


Left wing of Stavros Niarchos Hall, SNFCC 

Tickets: free admission / info


LAPSE is a sonic-cinematic installation created by renowned artists Stavros Gasparatos and Lars Jan. The work traces the journey of an anonymous woman over vast stretches of time and distance, conveyed by way of an audio time-lapse technique, in concert with a visual installation balanced between a film and a cloud.

Inside the single vaulted space, visitors are immersed in a vivid surround-soundscape of metropolitan life — recordings made by Gasparatos in more than 30 cities, including New York, Berlin and Dubai, in the months just before the transformed landscape of lockdown. These journeys are conveyed in a compressed timeline and played back with an added layer of composition through a surround sound speaker system.


The stark contrast that these sounds provide with the atrophied city and social life of the past two years is unavoidable – one that is visualized by Jan’s hour-long film of a woman floating down hundreds of kilometers of Greece’s longest river and, literally, out to sea. She is swept up, isolated, yet animated, and ever in the flow of things. Given the geographical location of the waterways in question, any sense of serenity is unstable — in the woman’s clothes, the viewer may register life-jacket orange or an emergency-blanket shimmer. The film is reflected off a massive mirror onto a vertical screen hovering above the audience. Striated haze shapes the volume between these two surfaces as the visual landscape oscillates between the photographic omnisciency of Google Earth and the diffusion of a cloud.



Stavros Gasparatos


Lars Jan


Stavros Gasparatos is a Greek composer and sound artist. Apart from his solo projects and albums, he composes music for dance, theatre, and cinema. His music has been performed in all major Greek venues and also in New York, L.A., London, Berlin, Munich, Toronto, Sofia, Amsterdam, Paris, Napoli and many other cities. He has composed music for over 100 productions and he is considered as one of the most important and prolific composers of the new Greek generation.


Gasparatos composes minimalist, instrumental and experimental music as well as sight-specific sound installations. From 2017 he is the artistic coordinator of the Transmedia Lab of the Greek National Opera. His works include ‘Entre Deux Actes (Ménage À Quatre)’ by Nairy Baghramian and Maria Hassabi (Performance 19 – New York), “Recess” choreographed by Jonah Bokaer (BAM – New York), “Expanded Piano” (Solo work at EMPAC Troy N.Y.), Opening ceremony of the New Acropolis Museum in Athens, “Bodies and Structure” choreographed by A. Waierstall (Tanzhaus Dusseldorf).


Lars Jan (direction, installation design) — the son of émigrés from Afghanistan and Poland  — is a Los Angeles-based director, visual artist, writer, and founder of Early Morning Opera, a genre-bending performance + art lab whose works explore emerging technologies, live audiences, and unclassifiable experience. 


Jan’s original works — including Holoscenes, The White Album, The Institute of Memory (TIMe), and Abacus — have been presented by the Whitney Museum, Sundance Film Festival, BAM Next Wave Festival, Under the Radar Festival, REDCAT, Wexner Center, PICA TBA Festival, ICA Boston, CAP UCLA, EMPAC, Toronto Nuit Blanche Festival, London’s Burning, NYU Abu Dhabi, Istanbul Modern, The Sydney Festival, and Times Square Arts among others. Holoscenes will be presented at the FestivalTransAmeriques in late May 2022.


Lars Jan is the winner of the 3rd Audemars Piguet Art Commission and exhibited Slow-Moving Luminaries, an immersive kinetic pavilion on an acre of waterfront during Art Basel Miami Beach. He is on faculty at CalArts, and a United States Artist, Creative Capital, and TED Senior Fellow.


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