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>> 17.6.2023
Memorial Site 1941 -1944, central Athens

#Korai 4
  Nina Pappa

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“Korai 4” is an interactive video walk designed by visual artist Nina Pappa, guiding visitors through the Athenian administration building of the German forces in the Second World War. The Memorial Site 1941 – 1944 is located in the central and bustling Korai Street and served as a detention facility during the German occupation.

Nina Pappa


Giannis Tananakis


Sound Design:
Pantelis Pilavios


Scientific Collaborators:
Pavlos Kipouras (graphologist), Tasos Sakellaropoulos (historian)


Production Management:
Delta Pi




When: 17 June until TBA.
Closed in August.

Where: The Memorial Site

Tickets: Free admission


With few exceptions, there is almost no information about the women and men who were imprisoned at Korai 4, even though the majority of them did not necessarily engage in resistance activities. Most of them were ordinary citizens who committed minor "crimes," such as fare dodging on the tram or petty theft. Such people were arrested and disappeared suddenly from the city's everyday life. The walls of the Memorial Site are covered with engravings of unknown individuals who were imprisoned there during the occupation, leaving traces of their presence.

Starting from the engraved writings of the detainees, Pappa’s team, including the graphologist Pavlos Kipouras, attempts to bring them to life. They analyze the writings and sketches that express need for water or food, convey curiosity or anger, depict harsh love scenes, or spontaneous little poems. They discern characters and personal stories of people who truly managed to leave their mark in the two-story underground space, beneath the places where Athenians now enjoy their coffee.


Nina Pappa was born in Athens, Greece. Her work is mainly concerned with the tracking of time, the human voice and to handwriting. Usually, her work combines documentary features such as interviews, or recordings of people with particular codes of communication and behaviors. She also works with video and soundwalks. Nina has presented her work in solo and group exhibitions in Greece 

and abroad and is a founding member of the Errands group.
Nina studied Painting and Sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts, attended C.A.V.S., MIT and holds a PhD in Theory of Art from the School of Architecture, N.T.U.A. She is an Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, N.T.U.A., she lives and works in Athens, Greece.




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