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>> 23.12 – 27.12.2022
Half Note Jazz Club

#In a Jazz Mood


Photo © Valentina Karantoni & the Half Note team

During the holiday season, Alexia will be on the stage of the Half Note Jazz club for five unique concerts, collaborating with top musicians to bring to life the atmosphere of American Jazz Clubs in the heart of Athens.

Voice & Concept:
Alexia Vassiliou



Stavros Manthos

Electric Bass:
Giorgos Palamiotis, Alexis Dellis

Nikos Kassavetis

Producer & Artistic Director for Alexia Vassiliou:
Valentina Karantoni 

Production Organization & Representation of Alexia Vassiliou in Greece:
Delta Pi

Alexia's Hospitality Sponsor:
NJV Athens Plaza




When: December 23rd – 25th at 22:30 and December 26th & 27th at 21:30

Where: Half Note Jazz Club, Athens

Tickets: EUR 15 – 25, tickets: HERE


Alexia, with her original timbre and her own distinctive phrasing, will perform songs from the English part of her discography, from her now historic Jazz album, 'In a Jazz Mood', featuring Jazz legends Chick Corea and John Patitucci, from her Grammy-winning album 'Birds Have To Fly' in collaboration with Peter Massink, from her triple album 'Re-bE' to her own compositions, while reviving some of the classic standards of American Jazz, reinterpreting the music of the great Nina Simone , Chick Corea , Betty Carter , Billie Holiday , Abbey Lincoln , John Coltrane , with specially selected songs, gospel and ragtime by Louis Armstrong , Dizzy Gillespie , Fats Waller , Cab Calloway and others.

Alexia is an internationally recognized and multi-award winning artist, singer, songwriter, lyricist and social activist, who has been honored repeatedly with gold and platinum records and has performed a variety of diverse musical genres. 

With a musical career of 40 years and 45 recorded albums, Alexia has developed her own eclectic musical style, drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical genres. Her natural vocal skills, her personal style, the expression and manner in which she performs a song, the timbre of her voice, which spans three octaves and her vibrato embody the essence of her pioneering sound.


Alexia has collaborated with some of the most renowned musicians in the world, such as Mikis Theodorakis, Chick Corea, John Patitoutsi and Milva. Born in Famagusta, Cyprus, Alexia is an advocate of human rights, having herself

experienced displacement from the Turkish military invasion of '74, and the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Cypriots.

Alexia continues to spread her love for music through her themed concerts worldwide.


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