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Concept – Stage Direction – Dramaturgy:

Konstantinos Ntellas


Costume Design: Konstantina Mardiki


Props & Set Design – Photography Documentation:

Christos Simeonidis  


Music Composition & Sound Design: Alexandros Ktistakis


Lighting Design:

Panagiotis Lampis  


Costume Design Consultant: Adamantia Notaroglou



Production Design: 

Konstantinos Sakkas


Production Management

Delta Pi





Greek Vampire Reloaded

Were there, ever, vampires in Greece?

During the three full moons of the summer, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation presents the site specific performance titled “Greek Vampire Reloaded” by stage director Konstantinos Ntellas. The performance will be presented in three different industrial museums, members of the P.B.G.C.F. Museum Network: at the Silversmithing Museum of Ioannina (June 2017), the Open Air Water-Power Museum of Dimitsana (July 2017), and the Museum of Marble Crafts in Tinos (August 2017), as well as at the Historical Archives of the Group in Athens (September 8-10 & 15-17, 2017). 
The performance, in this reloaded version, is focused on the -unknown for many- subject of vampires throughout the history of the Greek folklore and tradition, through literary sources such as poems, articles and traveler’s journals during the pre-revolutionary Greece, as well as oral traditions, myths, storytelling and popular epics that have been transmitted from one generation to another.
The five members of the performance have developed their own body and musical code that has its routes on the rhythm of the Greek language, and the whole performance is constructed upon the logic of site-specific art, with each performance totally changed and adapted to the new traits and characteristics of every location and venue.
The performance invites the audience to genuinely let go and step into this bizarre and eerie world of the Greek Vampires!
The first version of the Greek Vampire was presented in various locations from 2013 to 2015.

Performed by:

Antreas Kyriakou, Lemonia Ntallari, Konstantinos Ntellas, Fani Panagiotidou, Despoina Remiedaki

Delta Pi would like to thank Blue Star Ferries for their kind support and contribution towards the traveling expenses for the performance in Tinos Island. 

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