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>> 26.11 – 27.11.2022

Old Archeological Museum



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Whispers from the fingers, sweet melodies from the back, and even the loud screams of stomping feet. Using the body and the voice as her main instruments, Giota Kallimani explores the way in which traditional songs carry traces of the past in FONES (VOICES). The performance is part of the Anoichtá Pánia 2022 festival in Chania, Crete.

Giota Kallimani

Assistant choreographer:
Anastasis Karachanidis

Original music:
Alexandra Katerinopoulou

Choir members:
Elisavet Grinder,
Maria Theodosiadou,
Aphrodite Kleinaki, Jeni Malakaki, Katerina Panieraki,
Anna Papalexatou,
Theano Patakaki, Naya Pierrou, Stavroula Sakellariou,
Elena Stavropoulou,
Tzina Sfakianaki

Traditional Cretan instruments:
Akis Pitsanis

Delta Pi




When: November 26th & 27th at 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00

Where: Old Archeological Museum, Chania

Tickets: Free admission, reservation required: HERE


FONES is a performance about collective memory as it is found in traditional song. The structure of traditional songs presupposes the presence of a story from the past that a community carries in its memory. How can one relate to the experience of a memory and when attempting to relive it today, or present it in a way that communicates with the present.

In order to answer this question, Kallimani has brought together women from Chania to form a faceless, mouthless choir. Using their voices and bodies, the women’s movements are distorted, compressed, grotesque. As voices become dance and the indelible traces of the past are unearthed, uprooted, deconstructed for a contemporary audience, their fragmented bodies remind us of faded photographs from the past.


The performance of Fones is based on a series of workshops, that took place in Chania in May, September and November. There will be a post-performance discussion with the audience after the final performance on November 26th.

The Anoichtá Pánia Festival brings together over a hundred artists in the heart of the Mediterranean, hosting premiers at iconic locations of Chania, such as the Mikis Theodorakis Theater, the tombs of Venizelos and the lake of Agia. 


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