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Concept – Curation:

Tzeni Argyriou, Vassilis Gerodimos


Co-Curation: Maria Vasariotou 


Press & Publicity:

Yorgos Katsonis  


Production Assistant: Georgia Eleni Tigkinagka 


Production Coordination:

Delta Pi  


Produced by: Amorphy



Starting Time:           



Presentation duration:       

19:00 - 23:00


Exhibition Space:

Athens School Of Fine Art, “Nikos Kessanlis” Exhibition Hall, Pireos Avenue 256.



How would it be if we could overturn the established way of "viewing" an exhibition and for once the viewer became a "witness" to a process of which he is usually unaware? Can such an experience affect the way we perceive the work of art?

FACE TO PHASE, a project co-authored by Tzeni Argyriou and Vassilis Gerodimos, aspires to shift – even slightly – spectators’ experience of an exhibition. It reveals the course of artworks from their arrival at the exhibition space until their departure, illustrating all those invisible stages of preparation that remain undisclosed to the audience.


It invites the viewer to be unleashed from the museum-like experience and instead to become both an observer and a part of the overall project, from start to finish. The viewer's relationship to the works and their creators is redefined, as he is encouraged to choose by himself the actions he will follow, as well as the observation points, thus creating his personal course and narrative in space and in the project as a whole.


FACE TO PHASE presents to the audience – in a compressed time frame – works by 21 artists, while commenting on the notions of ephemerality and futility that are inherent within the creative process.


The suggested arrival time in order for visitors to follow through the project is at 19:00.


Participating Artists:

Makis Theofylaktopoulos, George Hadjimihalis, Kostas Tsolis, Dimitris Dokatzis,  Anna Lascari, Iris & Eleni Touliatou, Petros Touloudis, Maro Fasouli, Dimitris Foutris, Kostas Christopoulos, Maria Georgoula, Ilias Koen, Alexandros Laios, Lambros Pigounis, Ilias Sipsas, Filippos Vasileiou, Ermira Goro, Christos Delidimos, Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, Andreas Ragnar Kassapis, Georgia Sagri.

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