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ROOTLESSROOT - L' APOSTROPHE | March 22 & 23, 2019



Concept & Direction

Rootlessroot - Linda Kapetanea & Jozef Fruček


Visual Concept and Set Design

Jozef Fruček


Music Composition

Vassilis Mantzoukis 



Martin Kubran   


Sound Engineer

Christos Parapagkidis


Lighting Design

Periklis Mathiellis


Isabelle Lhoas


Created & Performed by: 

Manuel Ronda,

Jacob Ingram-Dodd, Konstantina Eythimiadou, Paul Blackman,

Linda Kapetanea  




Production Management 

Konstantinos Sakkas


Production Toured by:

Delta Pi




Friday, March 22 at 9pm & Saturday, March 23 at 4pm


Nouvelle Scene Nationale Cergy-Pontoise/Val d'Oise


Théâtre des Louvrais

Place de la Paix, 95300, Pontoise, France

Box Office:



"Europium", created by RootlessRoot in 2015, continues to inspire, to challenge and to question our point of view in regard to the origins and the identity of the European Culture. Becoming one of the company's classics and most emblematic repertory works, and having toured in more than 10 countries worldwide, Europium returns to its roots, this time in France, invited by L'Apostrophe and the Nouvelle Scene National at Cergy-Pontoise.  

"Europium: explosive and playful; surprising and volatile chemical element of dance that can’t be confined...

- Eeva Kauppinen (Kaleva Newspaper)


— Director's note:
This project is part of our reflections on what is called ‘western culture’ and ‘western world’. Although we come from different countries, Greece and Slovakia, our European origin, with its contrasts, remains common. In the same time, we feel free to reveal our identity and provide the current artistic landscape with our own colors since we consider this to be the only way to diversity and diversity as a sign of health. This is the way we move, the way we dance and the way we deal with the world. We are dynamic and totally absorbed in whatever our senses can perceive and our bodies can achieve.


While working and researching for Europium, we read many stories and myths about the origins of the European culture. The story of the raft of the Medusa, though, with its horrible chain of events, seemed to us, until today, the clearest story about Europe. At first, we didn’t want to focus our work on that event. But as time went by, so many relevant events happened in the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas that we just couldn’t ignore them. We thought that in the core of what we call the "nature of our culture" lies the problem of defining the values of our society and the mechanisms used to promote, impose and defend them.


But that is also the issue every society and culture has to deal with: answer how life is worth living, how is worth dying, what is important and what is not, for all as a group and each as a person. What is considered a success and what is considered a failure. What and who we believe affirms and endorses or threatens and goes against the values of our culture and how we treat those.

Linda Kapetanea & Jozef Fruček

EUROPIUM premiered in 2015 at the Oulu City Theater, Finland credited to: 


Poduced by: Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens

Co-produced by: JoJo-Oulu Dance Center

Created by: RootlessRoot

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