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>> 11-13.03.2022
    Onassis Stegi

   Constantine Skourlis, Dafin Antoniadou & Alexandros Vardaxoglou

Deep Horizon website photo.jpg

Photo © 'Still from the installation'

At the 9th Onassis New Choreographers festival, the team behind dance duet Vanishing Point will present their latest work: the audio-visual installation ‘DEEP HORIZON’. The multi-channel work aims to plunge audiences into an ongoing, dynamic environment beyond time, in which creative and destructive forces constantly trade places.

Conceived & Directed by: Constantine Skourlis, Dafin Antoniadou & Alexandros Vardaxoglou

Direction of Photography: Georgia Arvaniti

Choreography by:
Alexandros Vardaxoglou, Dafin Antoniadou


Original Music by:
Constantine Skourlis
& Stephan Richter


Audio Spatialization & Sound Design: Nicholas Kazazis

Art Director: Christina Lardikou

Post-production: Georgia Arvaniti

Assistant Art Director:
Vasiliki Yolande Kita, Dafni Iliopoulou

Additional Photography by:
Myrto Grigoriou


Electrician: Haris Pournias

Assistant: Asteris Tziolas


Audio Mastering: Nicholas Kazazis


Camera equipment: RentPhotoVideo, Olympia Mytilinaiou

Production Management & Coordination: Delta Pi



Deep Horizon is a ‘transmedia’ installation that emphasizes the notion that the body is a place of information, of ‘memory’, a corporeal field of knowledge that never ceases, throughout all its representations and different narratives, to redefine the world.

A humanoid organism without clear bodily limits trails a random life trajectory that sweeps it inevitably along, ever closer to its coming demise. The story of this organism unfolds via a synthesis of mythological tropes, erotic situations, and violent conflicts.

As the visual narrative loses cohesion and disharmony occurs, a new system enters into play – one that is constantly transformed through experiences of sexuality and terror. Deep Horizon is a work that inserts its visitors into an inscrutable future as it proposes an archeology of existence.


Dafin Antoniadou, Alexandros Vardaxoglou, and Constantine Skourlis have been working together since 2019. Their work revolves mainly around choreography as well as acoustic and cinematic practices, and focuses on a collaborative approach to creation. 

As a team they have created the concept of Vanishing Point, which so far has been developed through 3 different projects: the choreography Vanishing Point choreography, the film Vanishing Point (2021), and the multichannel Installation DEEP HORIZON (2022). 




11 – 13 March 2022,
16:30-21:00 & 22:00-23:30


New Choreographers Festival 9,  Exhibition Hall 1 @Onassis Stegi

free admission



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