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Theatro Roes

Ki Omos Kineitai

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After an exciting Christmas premiere, of Ki Omos Kineitai continues the Euripides-inspired Dionysian ritual of ‘Bacchae’ at Athens’ Roes Theater. The artistic group’s acrobatic dancers can be found on the stage every Monday and Tuesday of January and February. 

Ki Omos Kineitai


Federico Bustamante


Set design:
Nikos Manesis


Stage construction:
Stavros Manesis


Fani Mouzaki 


Maria Athanasopoulou


Graphic designers:
Chrysostomos Papachristou


Technical Support:
Panos Soldatos


Nontas Damopoulos,
Thodoris Lambropoulos,
Nikos Manesis, Ileana Pappa, Christina Souyoultzi 




When:  Every Monday & Tuesday of Jan and Feb 2023

Where:  Theatro Roes, Athens

Tickets: here


Five faces exist in a scene made of paper and iron. Trying to keep the present situation as stable as they can. Yet, the present situation is never the same, and it is the persons themselves who cause the change. 


The project is reflected in the transformation of the stage space. Mysticism, the unspeakable, can be revealed and experienced through any act. Ecstasy can be revealed and experienced in the deepest Silence. A festival. The celebration of lightness, of victory over weight, of playing by the rules of the most relentless force. Suspension, balance, great acrobatic acts against weight. Yes, it will win, the dancers must submit to the heaviness, but until then -  they seem to have the strength to test themselves against it.


Ki Omos Kineitai is a collaboration of artists with different movement-based backgrounds, focusing on complex physical performances, where dance meets circus and performance.
The aim of the work of the dance group is the establishment of a personal vocabulary by incorporating the particular identity of each interpreter, not as a set of skills but in the form of a group formation 
process, in relation to the aesthetic 

decisions for each project.
The group was founded in 2003 by Christina Souyultzi dancer and circus artist Bentancor Camilo. The group is oriented towards partnerships and collaborations with other artistic groups or individuals for the presentation or preparation of a work, as well as presentation methods in theatrical and non-theatrical spaces motivated by the tradition of circus and performance.


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