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>> 18-20.9.2021

Municipal Theatre of Piraeus
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Photo © Christos & Alekos Bourelias

With her latest solo piece, choreographer-dancer Olga Spyraki invites us to consider loss as a fundamental part of our current-day existence. As the performance progresses, we witness the woman experiencing each of the five stages of mourning. Every stage is delicately transformed into dance, while the space around her is slowly deconstructed.

Olga Spiraki

Assistant choreographer:
Mina Ananiadou

Assistant director:
Maria Varsou

Dramaturgy advisor:
Steriani Tsitzilioni

Music composition:
Konstantis Papakonstantinou

Set design: Christos Bourelias & Alekos Bourelias


Lighting Design:
Zeta Spyraki


Cinematography / Editing: Zeta Spyraki, Christos Bourelias & Alekos Bourelias

Production management:

Delta Pi





Saturday 18/09, Sunday 19/09 & Monday 20/09 at 20:00


Municipal Theatre of Piraeus,
Omega stage

Regular 10 €, Reduced 6 € (presented as single performance with Elisabeth Pliakostathis’ ‘Swell’)

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APOLLYMI is financially supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports and is co-produced by the Municipal & Regional Theatre of Patras. 


APOLLYMI seeks to understand and negotiate loss as a contemporary political and social phenomenon. The piece proposes that our loss can turn our existence into a defeat, into a condition where we have lost even ourselves.

The starting point of APOLLYMI is the image of a woman in her house, as she has just been informed that she has suffered a great loss. Throughout the solo, we see her gradually moving from one stage of mourning to the next – the stages formulated by the psychologist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross: denial, anger, negotiation, sadness and acceptance.


APOLLYMI finds no need to clarify what our dancer has lost, or what she mourns, as we instinctively grasp and understand this fundamentally human experience.



Olga Spyraki has a Joint Degree Master in Choreography from Codarts University of Fine Arts and Performing Arts. She is a graduate of the Department of Theater Studies (Patras’ University), of Rallou Manos’ Dance Academy, and of G. Theodosiadis Drama School. Additionally, Olga Spirakis was selected to attend the intensive training program “Ex-In” on the Flying Low & Passing Through Techniques (conducted by David Zambrano in September 2018).

As a performer, Spyraki has collaborated with Romeo Castellucci (Societas company), M. Marmarino (Athens Festival), Patricia Apergi (Aerrites), Ermira Goro (Arc for Dance Festival), Evgenia Tzirtzilakis (National Experimental Stage Theater of 

the Benaki Museum, Yelp Dance Company), Nigel Charnoc and Rob Rosnowski (USA) and many others. 

As choreographer, she has participated in many theater and opera productions, working with G. Hwvarda (Square Theater Company), Anargyro Deniozo (Theater of Arts and Letters), Thodoris Ampazis (Depeat Patras) and several festivals both in Greece and abroad.

Olga Spyraki has been teaching movement and dancing classes since 2008, including seminars for the Greek National Opera and the Kinitiras Studio. She currently teaches at the Patras MRT Municipal Regional Theater) School of Drama (artistic director Cezaris Grauzinis) and the Isidora and Raymond Duncan Dance Study Center. 




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Delta Pi productions & arts management  
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