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    Tzeni Argyriou 

>> 1.02.2020 

    Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Photo © Lila Sotiriou   

ANΩNYMO connects traditional Greek dance with a contemporary phenomenon: social media. Would it be beneficial, Argyriou asks, to go back to the past in a world where technology does not fully control our lives?  

Concept & choreography 

Tzeni Argyriou



Ermis Malkotsis, Dimitra Mertzani, Konstantinos Papanikolaou, Ioanna Paraskevopoulou, Stavroula Siamou, Dimitris Sotiriou, Nancy Stamatopoulou 


Miguel Angel Melgares


Scenography & Visual Concept 

Vassilis Gerodimos 

Original Music & Sound Design 

Pepe Garcia Rodriguez

Lighting Design   

Vangelis Mountrichas 

Costumes Design 

Ioanna Tsami

Lights Operator 

Stavros Kariotoglou

Sound Engineer  

Ilias Flammos

Choreographer's & Touring Assistant 

Danai Giannakopoulou

Touring Manager / Ex. Producer  

Konstantinos Sakkas

Production & Touring Management 

Delta Pi 





Saturday 1 February at 20:00 


Internationaal Theater Amsterdam: Rabozaal, Leidseplein, 1017 PP Amsterdam


Presales & Box Office:

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We live in an era where our relationships are increasingly taking place online and where interpersonal contact takes place via touch screens. Tzeni Argyriou wondered if it would be beneficial to look back. To the collective rituals of the past, which were meant to bring us together and to make the community stronger. ANΩNYMO goes back to the time when art was 'anonymous'. Dancing, for example, was not the work of a choreographer, but a collective experience. Traditional dance was a way of depicting and anchoring cultural codes, bringing people and communities together. People danced in times of war and peace.

Argyriou and her seven dancers take us back into a journey through the history of dance, which was part of all the milestones and rituals in a human life: birth, baptism, communion, marriage and death. Dance connects us through a physical experience - and thus forms a counterweight to the social media that, on the contrary, drives us further apart.


Since its premiere at the Onassis Stegi - Main Stage in May 2018, the piece has been presented in prominent venues and festivals in Greece and abroad, while 2020-2021 touring season begins with this performance in Amsterdam, followed by several shows in Europe and the US -among them the opening of the Dublin International Dance Festival in May 2020. 

ANVNYMO premiered in 2018, produced by the Onassis Stegi, co-produced by Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine Saint-Denis and Kalamata International Dance Festival, supported by Duncan Dance Research Center. 

The ITA notes about their intentions to invite and present ANΩNYMO: 

"In Greece there is almost no public money for the arts. Without private funds, and in particular without the Onassis Center in Athens, the Greek theater would be much worse. A talent like Tzeni Argyriou was able to make a start thanks to grants from the Onassis Foundation. She developed into a choreographer and media artist and that combination made her one of the most interesting dance makers in Greece. ANΩNYMO has been shown in the Netherlands before, twice to be precise, but we think the show deserves more attention".


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