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>> 11-13.3.2022
    Onassis Stegi

Konstantinos Papanikolaou


Photo © Pinelopi Gerasimou

At the upcoming 9th New Choreographers Festival, Konstantinos Papanikolaou will draw material from 19th century etiquette guides, gentlemen’s books and many other sources to examine issues of love, masculinity and social status, which is to say: everything a 21st-century gentleman needs to know.

Concept, Choreography & Performer on stage:

Konstantinos Papanikolaou

Paraskevi Tektonidou

Set & Costumes Design:
Olga Sfetsa

Light Design:
Eliza Alexandropoulou

Music Score: Nicolas Tzortzis

External Eye: Stavroula Siamou

Production Management:
Delta Pi





11 – 13 March 2022, 20:00


New Choreographers Festival 9, Onassis Stegi

Tickets & Admissions: 

€ 5-7
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The user manual, also known as a user guide, is intended to provide people with information or instructions concerning a particular subject or object. This category has also included (more commonly in the 19th century) a distinct type of text offering young ladies and gentlemen rules and guidance regarding proper etiquette, so that they might rise to meet the particular demands of each and every societal occasion.

In his solo, Konstantinos Papanikolaou asks: What do we have in place of young ladies and gentlemen today? And what might a contemporary such guide include? What representations are we being asked to identify with, in a constant game of validation and rejection? And what relation might these representations bear to the true circumstances of our lives?

As the choreographer puts it, “we are constantly exposed to representations of a “reality” that’s a far cry from the actual circumstances of our everyday lives. We identify with such representations through a game of validation and rejection that conceals certain other possible options from us. And we assimilate these representations as stereotypes, thus legitimizing dominant discourses that not only do us a disservice but also often undermine us.”


Konstantinos Papanikolaou graduated from the Master’s dance program of Paris XIII. Internationally he has collaborated with Gerard & Kelly, Οlivier Marguerit, and has taken part in Munich, Lyon, and Birmingham’s Biennales. He also performed at Centre Pompidou, Paris; Hellerau, Dresden; The Place, London; and Mercat des Flors, Barcelona.

In Greece, he has worked, among others, with the choreographers Patricia 

Apergi, Mariela Nestora, Tzeni Argyriou, Aria Boubaki, ‘Prolet OCD,’ and ‘Stereo Nero.’ Konstantinos has worked as a choreographer in various theatre plays, collaborating with Argiris Pandazaras, Circe Karali, Eleni Efthimiou, Lilly Meleme, Eleftherios Veniadis and others.

In 2020, he choreographed and performed his solo, ‘Tonight and Every Night’ at the Arc for Dance Festival.



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