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>> 18.10.2021 - 30.11.2021

   Roes Theatre


    Ki Omws Kineitai 

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Photo © Christina_Georgiadou  

ki Omos Kineitai is back on stage this fall with 9.25, a mesmerizing fusion of acrobatics and modern dance. Elegantly moving in and around a giant wheel-like construction, the performers and musicians will use dance to create an allegory about the passage of time. 9.25 will be performed at Theatro ROES on several nights, starting October 18th.

Choreography and creation:
ki Omos Kineitai

Original music:
Kleon Antoniou & Ki omos kineitai

Set design and construction:
Stavros Manesis

Costume design:
Fani Mouzaki & Ki omos kineitai

Lighting design & operation:
Maria Athanasopoulou

Photos and trailer video editing:
Alekos & Christos Bourelias

Nontas Damopoulos, Antigoni Linardou, Nikos Manesis, Christina Sougioultzi

Loukas Avramidis, Martha Arnaoutoglou, Maria Vlachou, Natalia Barous, Angela Gatsa, Melina Gaza, Angeliki-Ioanna Pappa, Antigoni Soulakou, Polyxeni Stathouli


Musicians on stage:
Kleon Antoniou, Peter Jacques, Giorgos Amentas

Production Management: 
Delta Pi




Monday-Tuesday; from October 18th to November 9th; 21:00



Theatro ROES, Athens

Tickets & Admissions: 

 €10 - 12 here


The title of 9.25, which premiered at this summer’s Athens Epidauros Festival, refers to the passage of a train. Its repetitive departures and arrivals symbolize leaving behind, starting anew, and the constant cycle of life. Time and our place within it are central themes to the dance group’s latest piece, and this is reflected in many ways.

With the help of impressively choreographed acrobatics in and around them, giant wheels provides a constant throughout the piece, asking us to consider those moments where we stop and look around, realizing time is sweeping by, consuming everything.


Ki omOs kineitai was founded in 2003 by dancer Christina Sougioultzi and circus performer Bentancor Camilo. Today, the group is a collaboration of artists from diverse kinesiological backgrounds, performing complex physical performances where dance, circus and performance techniques meet and blend. Previous performances of the group include Betelgez,  paRЯaiso, and in collaboration with the music group Hainides, Erotokritos.











9.25 is supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports






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