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>> 20.12.2021

   Berlin Circus Festival
Tempelhofer Feld

Myrto Petrochilou


On Monday December 20, Myrto Petrochilou will take her conceptual circus piece [9] to the work-in-progress-evening of the 7th edition of the Berlin Circus Festival. [9] creates a poetic imagery, questioning our perception of forms. The piece invites the audience to co-create and imagine a new reality, where the continual change of forms is the only constant.

Concept and performance:
Myrto Petrochilou

Friendly eyes and support:
Griselda Junca, Alicia Trueba,
Efi Dimou, Viki Barboka,
Aggeliki Tsakiri


Lighting design:
Stevi Koutsothanasi, Myrto Petrochilou


Early stage sound creation: 
Daphne Tsiouni

Early stage mentoring:
Antony Mathu


Touring Management

Delta Pi

Shortlisted circusnext 2020-2021

Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union





Monday 20 December at 19:00


Berlin Circus Festival, Tempelhofer Feld

Tickets & Admissions: 

EUR 10, found here


With [9], the audience is witness to the constant transformation of an object, as it shifts between defined and undefined forms. Nothing new occurs until the necessary endings take place - endings that serve the purposes of a new beginning.

Concentrating on the concept of ‘in-between’, [9] is Petrochilou’s reflection on existing conditions and forms, and the way they can open a space for transformation. The project offers a multidisciplinary approach and focuses on how space, object, sound and movement are woven together to create conditions for the emergence of new realities.

The core of the research lies within the human perception of forms. Petrochilou explores the process of how the brain chooses to identify the shapes that matter creates in space. More than anything, [9] is an experience of shapes, time and space, that offers a renewed insight into reality as transformations occur.


The Berlin Circus Festival is Germany’s biggest festival for contemporary circus, taking place on Tempelhof field, the old airport of Berlin. The 7th edition of the festival will be a winter edition, with circus shows and performing acts from all over the world over the course of three weeks in December and into the new year.

Inspired and motivated by movement, Myrto Petrochilou is a multidisciplinary performer who uses her qualities and skills as tools for creation and constant development. She is a 
graduate of the National Centre for Circus Arts, London 

(Degree in Circus Arts), the Professional
Dance school of Rallou Manou, Athens (BA in Dance) and City University of London (MA Cultural Policy & Management).
Petrochilou's artistic research focuses on the meeting points between circus and dance, and the combination of aerial and ground movement through the paths of improvisation. Her teaching and workshops focus on movement improvisation - object and aerial improvisation in particular- addressed to people who wish to explore and extend their movement boundaries.




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